Narrative Art in The Mahabharata: The Adi Parva

About the Book

The study analyses the baffling nebulous mass of material with which the epic begins, bringing out the central theme of each of the sub-parvas to provide insights into the Vyasan Vision and the Master’s mastery of his epic art. It helps the reader to understand the intricate web of inter-connections of events and characters so that a clear, logical and intelligible picture emerges of the very involved and confused panorama of the Mahabharata. Parallels from comparative mythology and literature enrich the study and there is a continuous concern to highlight the agency of women throughout the epic.

  • Author: Pradip Bhattacharya
  • Publisher: Dev Publishers & Distributors
  • Edition: First
  • Year: 2012
  • Dimension: 14.5 x 22 cm
  • No. of Pages: 404
  • Weight: 680 gm
  • ISBN: 9789381406014
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Territory: World
  • Price: ₹ 1195

About the Author

Pradip Bhattacharya, International HRD Fellow (Manchester), retired in 2007 as Additional Chief Secretary (Development and Planning), Government of West Bengal. Chaired the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre s National Symposium on The Pancha Kanya of Indian Epics , Dec. 2003; panelist for the 2nd International Conference on Indic Culture and Civilization s panel on Pancha Kanya organised by MANUSHI and the ICCR, Dec. 2005; chaired sessions on the Mahabharata and Media in the National Manuscript Mission s national seminar, Feb.2007 and on Narrating the Mahabharata and Cultural rooting of Mahabharata in the IGNCA s international conference, Feb.2011. Now Regional Editor (East) for the Mahabharata Encyclopaedia Project of the Mahabharata Pratishthanam, Bangalore; Member, Board of Governors, IIM Calcutta and of the editorial boards of the Journal of Human Values and MANUSHI. Edited and authored thirty books and numerous articles on values in management, public administration, ancient history, comparative mythology.

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