Narrative Analysis of Bhagavata Purana: Selected episodes from the tenth skandha

About the Book

This book presents an analytical study of selected narratives of the tenth skandha of the Bhāgavata Purāṇa with the framework of Narratology. It checks the possibilities of interpretation of some popular narratives from Kṛṣṇa saga. Book gives an exhaustive introduction dealing with Purāṇas, the growth of Vaiṣṇnavism and Narratology with special reference to Bhāgavata Purāṇa which sets precursor to the further analysis. It undertakes hermeneutic interpretation of episodes – Lord Kṛṣṇa’s birth story, Lifting of Govardhana Mountain, Syamantaka jewel, exploits of Pūtanā and other demons, uprooting of Arjuna trees, the expulsion of Kāliya, Gopīcīraharaṇam, Rāsapaῆcādhyāyī, story of Kubjā, story of Śrīdāman and Rukmiṇī Svayaṁvara. All these narratives are categorised into three themes – 1) Assimilation and acculturation 2) Exploits of demons and 3) Bhakti Narratives. The Narrative structure of each episode is analysed to derive the meaning from it. Theoretical frameworks developed by K. Ayyappa Paniker, Genette and Roland Barthes are applied to the selected narratives of the tenth skandha of Bhāg. P. to understand the deeper meaning of the narratives. The toolbox approach is taken into consideration while doing textual exegesis and hermeneutic interpretation. It explores socio-historical, psychological and philosophical aspects of the above narratives through textual analysis of the tenth skandha of Bhāgavata Purāṇa using the tools like intertextuality and intratextuality.

  • Author: Shakuntala Gawde
  • Publisher: Dev Publishers & Distributors
  • Edition: First
  • Year: 2023
  • Dimension: 14 x 22 cm
  • No. of Pages: 206
  • Weight: 450 gm
  • ISBN: 9789394852488
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Territory: World
  • Price: ₹ 895

About the Author

Dr. Shakuntala Gawde is Head and Assistant Professor in the Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai. She was the coordinator for the section of World religion and Philosophy (Jagatika dharma ani Tattvadnyana) for Marathi Vishwakosha (2016 – 2022). She is engaged in teaching and research of Sanskrit and allied subjects for more than a decade.

She is the first ranker and gold medallist in B.A. (Sanskrit) and M.A. (Sanskrit-Vedanta specialisation). She has done M.Phil in the topic ‘Eschatology in Upaniṣads’ and Ph.D (Sanskrit) on the topic ‘Eschatology in Vedic Literature compared with the Western Philosophy’.

Her areas of interest include Vedānta, Religious studies, Purāṇa studies and Aesthetics. She has presented research papers in National and International seminars including World Sanskrit Conference. She has delivered more than 50 guest lectures at various colleges, institutions and organisations. She has more than 35 publications including a co-edited book, articles in National and international journals, chapters in book and encyclopaedias out of which 13 articles are published in Encyclopaedia of Hinduism and Tribal Religion published by Springer.

She received doctoral Fellowship from Heras Institute of Indian Culture and Dorabji Tata Trust. She was invited as a ‘Visiting Fellow’ and ‘Key note speaker’ by Kelaniya University, Sri Lanka in 2017.

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